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Past Incidents

23rd October 2021

Scheduled server migration, scheduled 1 month ago

To improve speed through closeness to the bulk of our clients, and to comply more easily with GDPR, we will be moving all our servers from Virginia in the USA to Stockholm in Sweden. The move starts on Saturday October 23 at 2 AM GMT+2. All data will be in readonly-mode for up to five hours. Downtime for the lookup of data and the presentation of web pages is not expected, but some instabilities might occur during these five hours.

22nd October 2021

No incidents reported

21st October 2021

BankID scheduled maintenance, scheduled 1 month ago

BankID is updating its services, here the expected effect on their services:

"Det gjøres nå en større endring i BankID-tjenesten sentralt. Fra og med torsdag 21. oktober til og med tirsdag 26. oktober kl. 08:00 kan du ikke aktivere en ny BankID eller åpne en sperret eller utgått BankID. BankID vil ikke fungere på natten 21. oktober fra kl. 00:01 – 08:00, og det kan også bli noe utilgjengelighet for BankID med kodebrikke og kodeapp lørdag 23. oktober. BankID på mobil skal fungere som normalt denne lørdagen. Vi beklager ulempen!"

20th October 2021

People search is having some issues

People search is currently down, this was an unexpected issue in relation to some server maintenance. It should be restored within a very short time.

19th October 2021

No incidents reported

18th October 2021

No incidents reported

17th October 2021

No incidents reported

16th October 2021

No incidents reported